When a child is sponsored, he or she receives food, clothing, necessary medical assistance, school fees and scholastic materials. We believe that the only sure cure for poverty is education, which is why we put schools first.

Unique Way of Sponsoring a Child

By sponsoring one of the many poor children registered with Safe Green Foundation, you have the opportunity to;

Correspond with your sponsor child via our online message system.
Read newsletters and school reports every term
View photographs of your sponsor child
Read updated family news

Sponsor Our School Project

We are a child charity organization undertaking school projects to give poor East African children care and high quality education.

How do i go about Sponsoring a child “education” or School Project?

Send Email to : sponsor@safegreenstar.com letting us know that you are interest sponsoring a child “education” or School Project

they will then:

1: Email or write back to you with a School Project or child name and details or to let you know that you are on the waiting list for a child to sponsor.
2: You will also Recieve the Safe Green Foundation .inc banking details so that you can forward the school fees or fees for uniform, books for your child .