Our Mission

Safe Green Foundation, will endeavor to promote peace, social needs and justice among the East Africa people by offering relevant training, undertaking appropriate sensitization and mobilization initiatives and creating awareness around issues pertaining to the economic development, community enhancement, environmental protection and rural development for the East Africa people who are vulnerable and suffering helplessly in the fields of educational, health services and other humanitarian needs.

Support of agriculture, education, health, and environment is prefaced with understanding of the manifesting problems in existence. Youth cultivation, independent instilling of economy as an individual good and the freedoms that business brings through support is primary, and the contribution to creating educational landscape that is amenable to the goals of  a growing nation is central goal of the mission.

Safe Green embodies tenets presupposed by our humanity. We endeavor to realize these goals:

  • -Offer ways of alleviating the poverty burden in East Africa
  • -Improve the educational landscape of East Africa
  • -Change disparity outcomes of Healthcare
  • -Build communities and coalitions for change
  • -support girl child education
  • -fund the nonprofit as a way of contributing
  • -Create efficiency in logistics and pin point solutions

What We Can Do

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