Economic Development: The idea is to use existing technologies to provide solutions to proverty. Safe Green will conduct mini labs to assess the level of innovation necessary to bring about scalable projects with proven results. Currently we focus on technological and agricultural solutions for rural communities. We have a focus on providing sustainable solutions.

For example in Agaaran we are currently in the works of carrying out renewable energy projects by partnering with companies that offer low cost technology solutions. In addition we intend to partner with organizations that bring biofuel technologies to Africa. For example we promote the use of the Jatropha plant in the African continent with a strong emphasis on poverty alleviation. The goal would be to setup plantations from ground zero to harvesting stage all in partnerships with nonprofit organization in the biofuel sector.

Civic Engagement: Largely composed of a referral matching system where we assign marginalized members of the community to NGO’s to further their development and raise awareness on issues pertinent.

Youth Development: Creation of programs such as sports clinics and educational workshops for youth. The primary mechanism we are using is sports driven youth development clubs that foster leadership training while rewarding academic achievement through incentive programs.

Literacy Program: An adult workshop focusing on teaching writing and reading skills. Remote sites are the most prone to illiteracy and Safe Green takes this job very serious. We conduct workshops that bring that teach people local languages and English. Peer to peer tutoring services are also encouraged.

Health Program: A large part of the African problem is lack of adequate healthcare. We hope to organize a referral based solutions using sister organizations.