Agriculture and Livelihood

Agriculture is a tool of combating poverty and offering a way through the development of independent solutions for a variety of community problems that face Somalia. We want to foster a sense of shared responsibility for all matters concerned with the community. Agricultural innovations offer us a tool for selectively enabling through evidenced productive gains from crops that nourish and are an example, a symbol of societal change through cooperation, preservation, and the fruition of a new identity fostered around sustaining and grasping the available solutions for economy, for specialization, for all that we want to achieve. Crops offer us solutions for energy, food, and security through trade and commerce. This is seldom realized because of prior ease of realizable potential of the East African citizen. We want to foster change through enterprising for new gains.

Livelihood to the East Africa has been one of reliance on livestock for everything we want to offer new solutions as a way of building innovative channels. Agriculture accommodates these solutions through community enterprising initiatives.